>"Bakerella’s" Book Signing Tour


I am a cake artist in my own right but I can appreciate when the Pro’s take the time out to show us their tips, tricks, and new ideas. There’s no fun in hoarding your talent, everyone should take the time out at least once in their lives to teach others. People like the wonderful Bakerella. I first stumbled on these bites/pops/balls when I was browsing the information highway. I forget what I googled exactly but I finally ended up on “Bakerella”s website. She is a genius with these little things, and now… the book is out. “Cake Pops” The book tour quickly followed and I was lucky enough to attend her Costa Mesa book signing.
It was my first time attending a book signing, so I didn’t know what to expect. There were quite a few women when I first arrived, women of all ages and a couple of guys. It was becoming a little more chaotic with every passing minute. More and more Bakerella fans were showing up, thank goodness I have my copy and my number in hand.
She’s here ahh! She looks just like her photos aw 🙂 All us fans gather around the demonstration table in Williams Sonoma for some Q and A the first 20 minutes or so… then we line it up and wait our turn to meet the fabulous queen of cupcake pops.
I had so much fun and I can honestly say having met Bakerella that she is really down to earth and like her cupcake pops she is genuinely sweet. Thank you Bakerella!