>Cake Tour


Okay it was more like a “Stalkerazzi” tour. I admit I was taken away with the possibility of seeing some of my favorite pastry T.V. stars! It was like being a teenager again. I imagine something like driving through “The New Kids on The Blocks” neighborhood hoping to run into to Joey Mcintre, not that I ever did. Really! I can imagine how I would have felt though.

So last week I traveled to the east coast, since I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to to be out there again I decided to make it a point to visit some of my favorites.

My first stop was “TLC’s” newest “D.C. Cupcakes”, better known as “Georgetown Cupcakes”. I love Georgetown, it is so quaint, historic, and charming with it’s paved streets and beautiful architecture.

I could just linger around all day wandering the streets soaking in the scenery and atmosphere. Or so I thought… here is half the picture of the line at “Georgetown Cupcakes”. You tell me if you would wait in this line?

Well to be honest I probably would have stayed in this line, if I didn’t have another mission to execute. That mission being Baltimore, home of “Charm City Cakes”! With that in mind, I’m off…
I have to say that the traffic is really bad, its down right miserable. It should take about an hour (according to my iphone gps) to get from G-Town to Baltimore. Well needless to say that was not the case. It took me about an hour and forty minutes to get there and about 3 hours to get back. Yikes! We finally arrived. I was so giddy, so excited, I didn’t know what to do first. Should I start snapping photos? Should I try to peel the shade from the windows to sneak a peek inside? Feeling a little overwhelmed I opted to have a seat at the cafe across the street, regroup, and devise my plan of attack. 🙂

According to the folk’s across the street @”The Dizz”, “Food Network’s” film crew applied a tinted “peel and stick” type shading to all the windows in order to keep the glare out while filming. The “CCC” building did seem a little glum, the weather didn’t help much either, but I was amazed to find that I wasn’t the only one on this mission. While enjoying a cup of coffee and an amazing piece of cake at “The Dizz” there were other “stalkerazzi” passing through taking photos, posing, and buying “CCC” t-shirts @”The Dizz Cafe”!
Well, so much for trying to be incognito time to get out there in full “stalkerazzi” steam. I have to say that this trip was so much fun and if you are an all-things-cake fan like I am. In the end the traffic was well worth the experience, just make sure you have a willing partner to endure all the aches involved with the mission, i.e., headaches, heartaches, booty aches(from sitting in the car too long) etc.. etc..

Although I felt most accomplished in my cake tour the feeling began to fade on the drive home. I couldn’t help thinking about my other favorite pastry star. Yes. I am speaking of Mr. Boss as in the “Cake Boss”, but he is all the way in Jersey, much too far for my short time out on the East coast. Maybe next time I will get the chance to visit Hoboken, N.J. and meet Carlos or at least stalk his bakery. 🙂